Art ideas based on the designs of H.R. Giger

How to draw a Fantasy Cyborg Skull Robot or Android: Art Ideas

These sketches were inspired by the dark imaginative artwork of contemporary artist: H.R.Giger

Art ideas based on the designs of H.R. Giger

Create your own Fantasy Cyborg Skull design, by following these steps:

Find inspiration in the imaginative paintings, graphics or sculpture, of artists such as the Surrealists, Fantasy or Science Fiction Art.

Collect ideas from the world around you - look at machine parts, engines, pipes and wiring.
Insects or other small creatures , plants and bones can also be fantastic sources of ideas.

Draw, copy, trace or Photo montage (collage using photos) the details that you find interesting.

Assemble your ideas - arrange them together to create your own version of a Sci Fi creature! Fantasy Art Ideas: Further details on this Surrealist Art Project