Fantasy Art Project: How To Draw Cyborg Skulls

profile skull outline robot, alien, cyborg, coloring page skull stencil Day of the Dead Skull Cyborg robot skull design: colored version horned devil Demon - outline drawing

This Fantasy Art Project shows you how to draw a Cyborg skull, Robot, or Alien creature - a part man, part machine, monster, inspired by Science Fiction films such as Stan Winston’s terrifying creation: The Terminator and classic TV extraterrestrials: The Borg from Star Trek and The Cybermen from Doctor Who.

Surrealist Artists and designers such as H.R. Giger*, develop fantastic and imaginative designs by working through a creative process - You can too:

Just follow the step-by-step drawing tutorial to learn how to combine a printed skull stencil with sketches of real world objects, such as wires or plants, and create your own incredible Sci-Fi Art project:

1. Print a Skull Stencil – OR - Draw a Skull Outline

Skull stencil Profile Skull Template

Gogglebaby - H.R.Giger, source -

St. Sebastian – Paolozzi: source -

2. Look at the work of these famous modern artists:

– H. R. Giger* - the designer of the film Alien. His work shows a fascinating, but dark and frightening world – definitely not for the squeamish.

Left: H.R. Giger's sculpture: Gogglebaby outside the Giger Museum in Gruyeres

- And also Eduardo Paolozzi – the album cover designer of Paul McCartney and Wings' Red Rose Speedway. Paolozzi is very interested in the relationship between people and machines. Here's an example of one of his sculptures: a figure made from machine parts.

Right: St. Sebastian by Eduardo Paolozzi

Next: Look around you Artists often get their ideas from the real world around them. Look for interesting machine parts; engine parts; wires; water pipes; inside old computers*; even the plumbing in your bathroom. Explore the natural world: insects, bones and plants have all been used as inspiration for Giger's fantasy art work.

3. Collect Ideas

- In a sketchbook or on paper: Copy details that look interesting: The Cyborg Ideas Sheet below shows the sort of thing I mean.

Drawing Tips: Don’t bother too much about making a great drawing yet – you’re just collecting ideas at the moment.

Cyborg Skull Art Project: Ideas Sheet

Art Ideas: Fantasy Cyborg Skull Robot or Android.

Printable Work Sheet of this Fantasy Art Ideas Page

4. Add the ideas you’ve collected, to the skull you’ve printed or drawn, using pencil or pen.

Drawing Tips: Surreal or Fantasy Art drawings tend to work best with lots of detail: just put in everything you can think of - but stop when it looks full!

Congratulations! – you have just produced a fantastic, original and surreal artwork!

Cyborg Skull Drawing based on this Cyborg Art Project: Ideas Sheet

Enjoy coloring your Alien drawing: For extra Wow! Factor: add details (rivets, circuitry, wires…) with metallic silver and gold pens.

More Fantasy Art Project Ideas:

Your Cyborg Skull drawing will be amazing as a design for Relief Collage; Sculpture; Printmaking; Halloween Party Decorations or even Pumpkin Stencils!

How to Make your Cyborg Skull Drawing into a Halloween Mask!

*Hazard warnings!

• An asterisk* means there may be Health and Safety Issues – Please check with an adult and get help if needed.

• *Please note that much of Giger’s original artwork may not be suitable for younger or sensitive children. The drawings included on this site are adaptations inspired by his work, and have been successfully used with young people in schools and art workshops.

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