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If you just love coloring! - here are some interesting and original free coloring pages to print, with lots of art ideas to try.

Cyborg robot coloring page skull coloring page Fantasy Art Project
demon drawing horned devil Patterned Day of the Dead Skull Skull - profile
Wolf Coloring Page Barn Owl with Roses Coloring Page Barn Owl with Honeysuckle Coloring Page Footballer Coloring Page Fairy Coloring Page

Coloring Ideas - How to Make your Coloring Pages look Amazing!

Color FX:

To get a really sensational effect, choose a definite, limited, Color Scheme – What sort of mood do you want? Here are some ideas:

- Harmony in Blue: Collect all the blue pens and pastels or crayons you can find – and use them all to color your picture. The range can be from blue-green and turquoise to purple-blue and from very light to almost black. This will give your coloring sheet a soft, calm atmosphere – maybe even sad… that’s why it’s called The Blues…

- Red vs. Green Clash: It’s war! Grab battalions of reds and greens to liven up your coloring picture with a vivid and vibrant effect. And what about Blue Battles Orange or Yellow /Purple Conflict? (These are all pairs of Complementary Colors.)

peters devil - red peters devil - yellow peters devil - green

Color Mixing: Most colors will look great with 1 color overlaying another – experiment on a piece of scrap paper. If you have the Primary Colors - red, yellow and blue – you can mix most colors – try dots of yellow and red in an area – now look at your drawing from across the room – how does it look? (Orange – Maybe?)

I used strong Primary Colors in my version of the cyborg fantasy coloring pages – along with a couple of lighter areas to lessen the intensity. Another way is to leave a white margin along the outlines – it looks amazing – and makes it quicker to color in too!

patterned Day of the Dead skull cyborg skull design

Surface FX:

Make your coloring sheets look fantastic by creating some extra special effects:

- Fill in every area with different textures, marks or patterns – or smoothly blend from one color to another.

- 3D shading: If you shade each area from light at the top, to a darker tone at the bottom, – you’ll find you’ve got a realistic 3D drawing. You can use the same pencil or crayon and just vary the pressure. Try always making your strokes in the same direction. Or build up shadows using a cross-hatching technique.

- Rubbings: Just to be different: fill each shape of your picture with rubbings (frottage) of raised textured surfaces. Hold your paper very still and use a soft dark pastel or crayon sideways on, with gentle steady pressure, for best results. See how many different raised patterns and textures you can find around the room.

- Start a scrapbook of textured, recycled, found items, for future use. E.g. bubble wrap, string fruit bag, plastic wrap and cartons, wool, string (try it unravelled), netting, corrugated card (carefully tear the top layer off), embossed card, textured wallpaper samples, textured fabric scraps etc.

Halloween and Party FX:

The skull and cyborg coloring pages make fun and easy Halloween decorations or Robot and Alien theme Party Activities: Great for keeping kids busy while you prepare food or clear up – and a great idea for Halloween party favors! Just print enough for each child and have a big tub of pens or crayons (and a table; books or clipboards to lean on.) – add a few silver pens or metallic sticker shapes, to make it special.

Family Fun! - Have a few coloring sheets spare - there just might be some parents and carers around who enjoy coloring too!

More Kids Party Ideas:

Quick and Easy Halloween Masks and Kids Costumes to make.

peters devil - green peters devil - blue peters devil - yellow
peters devil - pink peters devil - turquoise peters devil - red

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