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TLDR**: All images and text on are Copyright: Vanessa Lewis© 2012, however, they may be used under a Non-Commercial Creative Commons License - Attribution - ShareAlike. You are welcome to print or share the images but only for your own - or your children's - personal use, please credit and link back to – Thanks.

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I am very happy to share these kids’ crafts and art projects that have been honed by many years of rigorous testing by tough, exacting critics, who never failed to let me know if I got it wrong – or even just a bit ‘meh!’.

My purpose is to share with interested folk who have children or young people to educate and/or entertain, or just want to have a bit of creative fun themselves.

So (just to be clear) a few Terms and Conditions:

• All of the images and text on are Copyright: Vanessa Lewis© 2012, however, they may be used under a Non-Commercial Creative Commons License, under the following conditions:

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

• You are welcome to print the coloring pages and worksheets for free – but only and exclusively for your own personal use, for yourself or for children or teenagers for whom you are personally responsible – i.e. children who are directly in your care, such as a parent, carer, librarian or teacher.

• Please pass these copyright terms and conditions on to any person who may gain ownership of printed versions or artwork created using or coloring pages and worksheets.

• If you wish to use images from ArtyNess or link from your website or blog, then please use a small thumbnail picture, and/or text, crediting or and link back to the original webpage on

• Please do not use larger or full page ArtyNess images on your site.

• You are not permitted to use the images (or text) from without a link back to the original webpage on

• You are not permitted to use or publish the images (or text) from in any form for any other purpose, such as for commercial gain, directly or indirectly (eg as part of an advertisement). Ownership and copyright remains with Vanessa Lewis.

Failure to observe these copyright* terms and conditions will result in the calling down of all the forces of darkness upon your unworthy head. Strange, unseemly boils will erupt from your unwashed public and private places. Unidentifiable green stuff will grow in the unclean corners of your cupboards. You will unerringly choose the wrong queue in the supermarket. Your internet connection will get slower and slower for no apparent reason, and then be absolutely fine when you try to get it fixed. No-one will laugh at your jokes. Life will just be miserable - because you are not giving of your best.

*Where I have made use of other people's images or artwork, I have done so in good faith, for the purposes of encouraging awareness and creativity. I have tried to acknowledge and credit other people's work and influence openly and appropriately. I do not link to websites showcasing the work of some of the artists mentioned, because some of their work may not be appropriate for use in schools or with some younger or more sensitive children.

If you’d like to discuss any of this, please Contact Me About Copyright Issues.

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