Day of the Dead: Decorated Skull Design

A brightly colored Day of the Dead patterned skull (Calaca or Calaveras) based on Mexican and Aztec art and crafts. Free, printable Halloween Craft ideas: great for kids' crafts and teens art projects.

How to Make a Halloween Mask

Day of the Dead: Decorated Skull Design

Printable Day of the Dead Skull Colouring Page

Creative Coloring Page Tips

How to Make Great Kids' Halloween Decorations:

Halloween Banner:

- Hang differently colored Halloween printables along the wall or window like flags, using colored string or ribbon and pegs or paper clips.

- Alternate with long streamers and triangles cut from crepe paper or recycled plastic bags.

- Choose colors to harmonize or contrast with the colors in your Halloween designs - red, yellow and blue (the Primary colors) or black and white will look fantastic.

- Finish off the ends of your Halloween Banner with 2 or 3 balloons, and several long streamers.

demon coloring page day of the dead coloring page skull stencil Horned Devil skull outline - profile

More ideas for Halloween Crafts:

You can use your patterned Mexican skull design as a craft pattern for a handmade print; as a starting point for a fantastic sculpture; or as a mask template for Fantasy Mask making. How to Design your own Surrealist Skull

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