Drawing Faces: Angel

About drawing faces: Learn how to draw a face. Choose from drawing an angel face on this page or sketching a demon. Follow this step by step drawing lesson for perfect proportions!

How to Draw Faces – Drawing Tutorial:

  1. Draw an oval or egg shape with the narrow end pointing downwards. Fill the whole page, using all of the space available.
  2. Using very light guidelines, divide the shape across horizontally, about half way down. (This may seem rather low for placing the eyes – but if you measure a real head, you will see that it is right. Because the face is very important to us, we tend to perceive it as being larger than it really is.)
  3. Draw the eyes, about one eye width apart. (Wide apart eyes look innocent.)
  4. Divide the lower face into thirds. (Again using very light guidelines.)
  5. Put in minimal lines to suggest where the darkest shadows would be – around the bottom edges of the nose and lips, and where the mouth opens.
  6. Add simple lines to suggest ears – the top of the ear is level with the eye, and the bottom of the ear is level with the tip of the nose.
  7. The neck is almost as wide as the head and joins just below the ears – if you want to check this you can feel it on your own head!
  8. Add some cherubic curls for hair.

How to Draw an Angel Face:

Follow the drawing tutorial worksheet above to create an innocent, angelic face, then add a halo following the instructions below.

How to Draw a Halo:

Add a delicate halo around your angel face, by simply drawing round a plate as a template. (Stop where the plate edge meets the hair.) A double edge looks effective – just slide the plate in or out a little and draw round it again. Colour or paint the halo very pale yellow or grey, then add a little detail with a gold pen – tiny dots or stars look pretty.

How to Draw Angels and Demons:

Here’s another ‘Drawing Faces’ worksheet – which is basically the same ‘step by step’ drawing tutorial, but finishes up as a Halloween devil.

A line drawing of a Halloween Devil for you to Colour

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