Fantasy Fairy Coloring Pages:

Free printable fairy coloring pages:

Print out this fantasy fairy outline drawing to color.

Before you color her, add a few details: a long flowing skirt would look pretty (fairy skirts are transparent - so you will still see her legs...)– and then you could draw some patterns on her clothes. Moons and stars or flower patterns are often found on faerie dresses – or maybe little butterfly shapes?

Fantasy Fairy Coloring Page

Fantasy Faerie Coloring Ideas:

Choose a color scheme (and stick to it) for best results.

Pink and pale lilac are soft, feminine colors – or how about painting her with all the colors of the rainbow? Or perhaps your fairy has a bit of attitude and likes bright, strong contrasting colors, such as orange and blue – or red and black.

Fairies’ hair can be any color you like – will yours be similar colors to her clothes – or contrasting? Does she need a bit more hair? – There’s a space just right for some more curls!

Fairy skin can be any color too. If you want her skin to look human, use a shade of brown – all of us humans – even if we are referred to as black or white – are actually some shade of brown. But your fairy’s skin might match her hair, or her clothes.

When you have finished coloring this Fantasy fairy coloring page , how about adding a background? Where is this fairy flying? Is she in a city, or is she flying past hills or trees, maybe with a beautiful sunset? Or in a flower garden with huge flowers – much bigger than her! That would be easy to draw - lots of large, bold, simple flower shapes in your chosen color scheme - magical!

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