Fairy Drawing

A lovely ballerina fairy drawing for you to color! This beautiful fairy coloring page has been created by giving delicate butterfly wings to a graceful ballerina.

Ballerina Fairy Drawing

Printable Ballerina Fairy Coloring Page

If you want your Ballet Fairy to look realistic, vary your shading, so that the top surfaces, where the light would catch, are pale – almost white, and the underneath surfaces are darker, to suggest shadows.

Or you can color in each area as a flat shape, which will give more of a pattern design, good for posters.

When you have finished coloring this ballet dancing fairy, have a think about the background. Where is this fairy dancing? Is she in a faerie palace, or is she dancing on a rainbow?! Or is she about to flutter off with a whole host of colorful butterflies? That would look stunning!

Fantasy Fairy Drawing and Creative Coloring Ideas

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