Halloween Coloring Pages: Horned Devil

Halloween Coloring Pages: A great drawing of a Horned Devil for you to Color:

then use for Mask Making.

horned devil

Free Online Coloring Pages

How to color this coloring book page online:

- Right click on the coloring picture and save the image in a folder or to your desktop.

- Right click on the saved image and open with Microsoft Paint or a similar graphics programme.

- Choose your colors (you will find there is a ready selected limited palette, due to the way the image has been saved - this means that all the colors will work well together in almost any combination).

- Use the fill tool and experiment with different color combinations to get different effects.

Art Tips: Color the main background areas first, then the outlines, and finally the smaller shapes.

- To print your design, just click the print button on your tool bar.

How to Draw Faces: Horned Devil

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