Halloween Crafts: Alien Collage

How to make an Alien Cyborg Collage using recycled junk materials. Easy to follow Halloween crafts lesson plan and printable worksheet for teens.

You can Create your own Original Alien Design

- Or use this Cyborg/ Alien Design inspired by the work of H. R. Giger* - the designer for the film Alien.

An asterisk* means there may be Health and Safety Issues – Please check with an adult and get help if needed. (More details below)

You Will Need:

  • A design drawn on paper
  • Stiff backing card – About 10” – 12” square (25 – 30 cms) is a good size to work on. (Recycle the side of a cardboard box – glue 2 sheets of card together to make it thicker if needed.)

  • A collection of clean/washed household junk. Useful items might be: Lids, cardboard tubes, drinking straws, cereal packets, small broken computer parts e.g. RAM chips, wires etc. Scraps of cable, string, wire or wool
  • Paper fasteners (the push through sort – to look like rivets)
  • Silver foil
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Marker pen
  • Chalk
  • Old newspapers
  • Black paint (Ready-mix)
  • Silver spray paint

How to Make your Halloween Craft Collage:

Cut your pieces ready to assemble.

How to trace shapes from your design onto card:

Cover the back of the design with chalk, place it onto the card, then trace over the shape with pencil. Remember to add extra if the card is to be bent or folded.

How to cut inner shapes* – e.g. eye holes

Draw the outline of the shape.

Pierce with a sharp pencil – have a large eraser at the back, so that the pencil stabs it and not you!

Insert the scissors and carefully cut around. If this can’t be done smoothly, try cutting small tabs at an angle to the line you want, then cutting off (or folding) the tabs.

If you have to put your things away at this stage, have 2 containers labelled – one for stuff you’ve cut to size, and one for unused materials. (It’s very frustrating to get these mixed up!)

To build your robot collage:

Place all your pieces in their approximate positions

Glue* the pieces on to the backing card, working from the back towards the front

Sometimes it’s a good idea to assemble an area – e.g. a face – separately, and then glue it down

Wire or string might look neater if it goes right through the backing card. Pierce a hole using a sharp pencil (see above) and glue at the back.

To make an otherwise flat piece stand out, cut out small rectangles of card to fold in to tabs and stick behind:

When your Halloween crafts collage has been assembled, paint it all black with Ready-mix paint*. If the paint doesn’t stick easily, try adding some PVA glue and painting 2 or 3 coats.

Add any last details, such as brass paper fasteners for rivets.

To add a metallic sheen, add a light dusting of silver spray paint* - spray from an angle at the side, to emphasise the 3D effect.

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*Hazard warnings!

• An asterisk* means there may be Health and Safety Issues – Please check with an adult and get help if needed.

*Please note that much of Giger’s original artwork may not be suitable for younger or sensitive children. The drawings included on this website are adaptations inspired by his work, and have been successfully used with young people in schools and art workshops.

*Take sensible care with sharp scissors: Carry them holding the blades shut in the palm of your hand and pass to others handle first. Keep fingers behind the blades when working – think where the points will go if you slip. Work on a suitable strong table or bench protected by a pad of old newspaper.

*PVA Glue and Ready-mix paint is safe – but if it dries into your clothes it’s

difficult to remove. Wear old clothes or an apron. Protect working surfaces with old newspaper.

* Spray painting is best done out of doors in calm weather. Inhaling paint fumes can be very toxic, even fatal. Protect the area behind your artwork, as spray paint is difficult, if not impossible to remove.

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