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Printable Cyborg Mask

ArtyNess Kids Crafts is a collection of fun art projects and interesting craft ideas developed over many years of teaching and producing art, working with budding artists of all ages and abilities: accomplished artists, kids who hate drawing, people who want to learn, academic high flyers, children with special needs and kids excluded from school; tots, teens and grown-ups too!


Most of my art activities are especially suitable for teens and older children – but younger kids and adults will enjoy them too. You do not have to be “good” at art or know how to draw to get fantastic results – just follow the simple step by step instructions and see what happens…


cyborg skull coloring page

You can just use the free printable coloring pages,stencils and templates in your own way – there are art tips to help you - or you can use them as starting points and the art project tutorials will show you exactly how to produce your own distinctive artwork.

Coloring pages are fun – but a coloring printable that you’ve added to, reworked and drawn on, becomes something else: your own original artwork!

All of the art and craft ideas are designed to guide you through a creative process and help you develop your own individual ideas and style. Whether you want to relax with an absorbing hobby, or design and produce an in-depth art project,have a look around, try things out, experiment. Find out what sparks your inner genius!

The great thing is –ArtyNess Kids Crafts encourages creativity - but you are not on your own, with a blank sheet of paper, trying to think what to do - there are lots of ideas with tried and tested methods and art and craft printables to get you started.


Peter’s Devil

If you have a printer and a pencil or a pen – you can get started! Some great art (like

this demon drawing !) has been created in 10 or 20 minutes sitting on the sofa – but ArtyNess Kids Crafts uses all sorts of art materials and things found around the house and garden.

wolf drawing


Hello! My name is Vanessa - my family and friends call me Ness!

I am an experienced art teacher, artist, (See some of my artwork) and mother of two extremely creative, but not especially “artistic” boys (now in their 20’s and teens). They both now draw quite competently – but they both had to put in a little bit of effort learning how to draw – but not as much effort as I had to put in, learning how to put my art projects up on the web! Thankfully, they both know a lot more about computers than I do and have been remarkably patient and helpful when I get stuck (“OMG Mother – Don’t you know how to do THAT?!!!…”)

Also thanks to the other love of my life, who happens, luckily, not only to know more about computers than most people (sons excepted of course…), but also knows – more than anyone – how to nurture and support me…

Since Sept 2008 I have been working on an exciting new project along with my partner Alan. Zen Moments is a wonderful collection of inspiring stories which began amazingly with over 500,000 page views in the first 4 months! We have also created Zen Moments Bookstore which includes interesting sections on creativity, art and great reads for teens and children. I hope you enjoy using my kids craft and art ideas!

I am always happy to respond to questions, comments and suggestions.

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More Teens' and Kids Crafts planned for ArtyNess

Most thumbnails will take you to a great ArtyNess art and craft idea! Try one of these…

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