Mask Making Fun! - How to make a quick, easy Halloween Mask and Costume

This is a great Mask Making Kids’ Party Idea for an Alien, Monster or Robot Theme party - Or a quick and easy Halloween Costume for Fun Trick or Treating!

Choose a Mask Template:

Day of the Dead patterned skull cyborg robot alien monster skull Halloween mask
horned devil coloured cyborg robot alien monster skull Halloween mask Day of the Dead Coloring Page

Print out one of these Free Printables for each child:

Day of the Dead Skull
Cyborg Robot
Grinning Skull
Horned Devil
Day of the Dead Skull – Ready colored version
Cyborg Robot – Ready colored version

You will also need:

Coloring Pens or Crayons

Cereal packet card – 1 box is enough for 2 kids

Glue sticks

Scissors* (Round ended for younger children)

Sharp pencil and eraser (this is to make holes with – For Safety, have the kids bring their masks to an ‘Engineering Space Station’ – an adult sitting at a table who makes the holes for everyone.)

String or elastic thread – or use silver cord or ribbon for a metallic effect.

Optional extras:

Ring binder reinforcement rings

Brass paper fasteners

Kitchen Foil

Silver glitter


Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids:

Black bin liner tunics – just cut slits for head and arms, tie around the waist with string or elastic.

- If you have time, or some finish earlier than others, have them make Spaceship Crew Badges and Star Ship Medals – use shapes cut from the left over card, cover with silver foil and tape to the 'tunic', or tape several to the ‘belt’. Cut out their name initial and glue on; or add stick on stars.

How to make a Halloween Mask:

These ideas and instructions can be used for Mask Making and Decorations for Halloween or Mexican or Aztec ‘Day of the Dead’ (Calaca or Calaveras) Celebrations.

1. Print and color your chosen mask design.

Even better Mask Making with these Coloring Ideas

2. Paste the mask design onto thin card. Recycled breakfast cereal packet is fine.

3. Cut round the edge of the design.

4. Carefully push a sharp pencil* through to make eye holes (have an old eraser behind the card, so you don’t stab yourself or anything else!)

5. Make holes* at each side, just below eye level and at either side of the bridge of the nose, for string or elastic.

6. To make the holes stronger (and neater) stick reinforcement rings over them – both sides.

7. Decorate with brass paper fasteners as ‘rivets’; silver glitter; and alien ‘hair’ – cut strips of silver kitchen paper and tape to the top edge of the mask.

8. Thread string or elastic through the holes and tie at the back of your head.

9. If you can’t see through the eye holes, make some more – it’s fine to have a row of them! If you don’t want the mask over your face, tie it to the back or the top of your head (with the string under your chin) – and turn around or put your head down when you want to scare someone!

10. Instant Halloween Costume: Add a black bin liner tunic and shiny belt: Trick or Treat! – Here we come!

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