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These are the kinds of Kids Crafts and Art Projects planned as this site grows. I will be adding new pages as often as I can. I have begun with a Halloween, Cyborg and Skull theme, but new projects (such as Fairies and Superheroes!) will appear shortly! My aim is to develop ArtyNess into a useful, very practical, creative resource for everyone interested in Art and Craft for Kids and Teens:

The highlighted links are pages that are available now.

Easy Kids Crafts: Trash to treasure, country and nature crafts, and easy craft ideas to make from stuff found around the house and garden

Creative Coloring Pages to print: Watch out for lots of interesting and original printable, online coloring sheets . Learn how to develop your creativity and imagination by adding ideas and designing your own coloring book!

Holiday Crafts and Decorations: Christmas crafts, Valentine crafts, Easter crafts, Halloween crafts and more!

Printables: Printable Crafts - Printable Calendar; Paper Crafts; Free Greeting Cards; Just print and make! - Easy!

Free Activities: Kids crafts and hobbies don't have to cost the earth - here's some (free!) ideas

Fun Stuff! Bit more time or space? Big ideas for small (and not so small!) people, parties, families and groups

Stencils and Templates: Free craft patterns - tons of useful shapes and designs including tattoo designs and mandalas, Learn how to use in Scrapbooking, Printmaking and Decorative Fabric Crafts - Batik; Screen printing, Lino cuts or Stamping

Art and Crafts for Teens: Printing T shirts; Skateboard design; Street art; Card making; Homemade and Hand painted Gifts for friends and family; Jewelry Making; Painting; Pottery; Sculpture; - ideas to inspire you and step by step techniques to show you how.

Fantasy Art: Comics and Cartoons; Creating Fairies; Dragon Art; Mask Making and How to make your own Costumes; -- Inspiration from Famous Artists; How to Draw Cyborg robots and Alien Monsters...

Art Lessons: Help for parents and teachers. Lesson plans and printable, educational Worksheets. Pages about homeschooling and special needs education. Color Wheel; Golden Section and other Art Resources.

How to Draw: Anyone can learn! Figure Drawing; How to Draw Animals; Drawing Cartoons; Perspective Drawing; Learn to Draw Cars; Learn How to Draw Flowers - Drawing Tips and Tutorials.

ArtyNess Kids Crafts is under construction with new pages appearing every week - Please Bookmark and Come Back Soon!