Colour Halloween Mask to Make

Print this Cyborg Skull Mask for a Quick ’n Easy Halloween Costume.

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Inspired by the Surreal Art Work of the artist; H.R. Giger, (designer of the science fiction film sets and creatures in the movie ‘Alien’) this is an unusual and original Mask Making idea, great for Space Alien; Futuristic Robot; or Fantasy Art theme parties for older kids and teens.

Cyborg Robot Halloween Mask

How to make this Cyborg design into a Halloween mask.

More Crafts to Print and Fantasy Art Ideas and Halloween Crafts:

Cyborg Robot Coloring Page: A black and white version of the Cyborg skull drawing to print and color.

Skull Stencil: Skull template, with ideas for a Mexican or Aztec ‘Day of the Dead’ design.

Mask Making: How to use the mask templates to make a simple Halloween Costume. Easy to follow, step by step, instructions.

Fantasy Art Project: How to draw a Cyborg Robot or Alien using the Skull Stencil to give you a (death…) Head start!

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