Cyborg Skull Drawing

This unusual and original Alien or Cyborg Robot skull drawing, inspired by the Surreal work of the artist, H.R.Giger* is a Printable Coloring page, which can be made into a quick and easy Halloween mask.

Cyborg, Alien, Robot Skull Drawing, coloring pages, Halloween Mask

How To Make a Halloween Mask. Make a Quick Halloween Mask and Costume with these easy, step by step instructions. You can use this cyborg robot design as the idea for a 3d mask; relief sculpture; or a handmade print.


Make it yours… Coloring pages are fun – but coloring printables that you’ve added detail or pattern to, reworked and drawn on, become something else: your own original artwork!

- This Cyborg skull coloring page is detailed enough to look good just colored in – but feel free to add more details or patterns. May be it could do with an On/Off switch? Dials? More wires?

- Print off several copies; then experiment with a variety of colours and techniques to make different versions.

- These make great Halloween, Robot or Alien Theme Party Activities!

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Create your own Cyborg Skull Drawing

*Hazard warning! · *Please note that much of Giger’s original artwork may not be suitable for younger or sensitive children. The drawings included on this site are adaptations inspired by his work, and have been successfully used with young people in schools and art workshops.

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